Why B.I.G.

Serving the region for almost 20 years, the B.I.G. team, has been a single-source provider for Digital Infrastructure. Structured Cabling Systems for both inside plant, outside plant, Data Center, Wireless, DAS and Cellular Re-enforcement, and AV installation and support in both secure and non-secure spaces.

Our BICSI trained-and-certified technicians and engineers design, install and test your cabling and wireless infrastructure from the ground up.


Our trained technicians have a reputation in the industry for unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. Their years of supporting customers in the field show in their attention to detail, right down to the meticulous labeling our clients depend on. Our people are proud of their trademark commitment to the customer.


Quality installations provide a foundation for technology upgrades and expansions. Quality is essential for supporting advanced applications such as IP Voice and Unified Communications. We test and certify the end-to-end operational condition of all cables, wiring, terminals and connections. Your installed system will meet or exceed all local, state, and national codes, as well as trade performance requirements in effect at the time of installation.


A quality installation is just the beginning… Change is a constant on any project and one of B.I.G.’s greatest attributes is the ability to adapt and re-design on the fly, while keeping the project schedule on track.


Once the job is complete, test reports and a bill of materials are submitted to the manufacturers and warranty certifications are provided directly to you.


B.I.G. strives to create a team atmosphere throughout the life of the project. B.I.G. has considerable experience working on construction sites and will work harmoniously with all other trades to maintain the project schedule and focus on your needs.

Mission Statement

Employees are first and foremost. We believe that our employees are our product and if we provide for and take care of our employees this will inevitably lead to a great customer experience for our clients and ultimately an ongoing partnership between B.I.G. and the client.

Core Values

Loyalty – Loyalty to your fellow employees, provide the tools and knowledge for them to excel in their job and share the company’s success with them. Loyalty to the client, stay firm in our commitment to provide them with excellent service.

Quality – Quality in all we do, provide first-class service and second-to-none experience for the clients and peers.

Integrity – Be honest and fair, do the right thing.

Pride – Be proud of and take pride in all that you do.

Our Motto

Operational Excellence
The Business Dictionary defines Operational Excellence as:

“A philosophy of the workplace where problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership results in the ongoing improvement in an organization. The process involves focusing on the customers’ needs, keeping the employees positive and empowered, and continually improving the current activities in the workplace.”

What it means to B.I.G.
Operational Excellence is a verb not an adjective. It is what we do and how we act, not who we are. We are continually working on improving ourselves, our strategies, our deliverables, our policies, and procedures. We are working to create a better work experience for all. We encourage all employees to provide constructive feedback to help solve problems and to make B.I.G. the place to be.

B.I.G. is the company behind your company

We apply our trademark craftsmanship to large and small-scale projects, for companies using diverse computer and voice systems. Our best practices for installation allow us to deliver world-class turnkey solutions for virtually any installation environment. Our focus on quality is one of the main reasons our customers turn to us again and again.

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