What Our Customers Say

Bognet Construction

I wanted to share with you how happy and impressed our client is with BIG’s work in the LAN room. They were surprised to see all the cables so neatly organized and how clean the install was. I let them know that what they saw is what I see on every project with BIG, no matter the size of the project.

Major University

The crew has wrapped up here. I just wanted to tell you that they did a fantastic job. Quite possibly the best job of any data cabling contractor I’ve ever worked with. Looks like these new ports were all part of the original construction. That’s something I take a lot of pride in. Thanks for making this a great job.

Appian Corporation

The move into our new space at Democracy Tower was a rousing success. Thanks to the BIG team for helping to make that happen.

Google NetOps Corp

The Low Voltage cabling plant was well done… you followed our instructions and standards to the letter. I look forward to future projects and working with BIG.

Google NetOps Corp

I’m very pleased with the quality of the work at our new DC office, and appreciated the teams responsiveness and positive attitude throughout the project.

Verizon Business

Everyone who has viewed the cable plant is truly amazed by how clean and neat everything looks. I can even recall people referring to the cable plant as ‘artwork’. The attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction by the BIG crew was beyond our expectations.

PM Biometrics

BIG did the best cable installation that I have ever had the experience of looking at. I was so impressed with their work that I rewired my sloppy home network out of pure shame.

The Brattle Group

Not only has this installation been done to our satisfaction, it was one of the most pleasant experiences I have had in dealing with a contractor in a long time.


Not only are we impressed with your work and attention to detail, our construction team clearly trusts you. You and your team have done a great job.


Dealing with BIG was a pleasure. I look forward to working with your crew again.


(703) 752-7600 | sales@biggp.com