Sound Masking

Reduce Noise Distractions and Protect Speech Privacy

Cambridge Sound ManagementPowered by direct-field Quiet Technology, QtPro™ Sound Masking works by emitting a uniform, barely perceptible background sound at the frequencies of human speech.

Office Sound Masking systems are deployed in hundreds of millions of square feet of space including government agencies, healthcare facilities, financial services, and commercial organizations.

Sound masking equipment combines exceptional audio performance, low impact installation, and affordability. They can also integrate paging and music functionality to provide a complete audio solution and create better acoustic environments.

QtPro systems are GreenSpec listed – contributing to your facility’s LEED certification.

Advantages of QtPro™ Sound Masking Systems include…

  • Powered by patented, direct-field Quiet Technology developed to reduce acoustic interference.
  • Offers 3 solutions suitable for any size space – 1 zone covers 12,000 sq. ft.; 3 zones up to 36,000 sq. ft.; 6 zones up to 72,000 sq. ft.
  • Delivers uniform sound masking by projecting from the ceiling, not through the ceiling.
  • Reduces the need for expensive construction or sound blocking materials.
  • Each emitter can be installed in minutes and in any ceiling type.
  • The only sound masking system that can be easily installed in existing space.
  • The most energy efficient sound masking system available.

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B.I.G.’s experienced Sound Masking team ensures successful deployments on schedule and within budget.

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