CAD Design

Successful Building Projects Start with CAD Design

Computer Aided DesignB.I.G. understands that a successful project starts with design. With RCDDs and AutoCAD experts on staff, B.I.G. can meet any of your requirements from CAD Design through implementation to As-Built documentation.

From a four-story build-out in the Washington DC Metro Area, to a 100,000-square-foot facility in Nebraska, to a five-building campus in San Diego, our CAD Design Engineers can assist with all phases of your building project.

  • Site SurveysComputer Aided Design
  • Plant Design
  • System Design
  • Rights of Way
  • CAD Design Services
  • Cable Plant Audit and Re-Certification
  • NEC Compliance

Our CAD Designers have the knowledge, experience and tools to help ensure a successful building project – regardless of size or number of locations – on schedule and within budget.

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