AV | Perfect Plus Support™

We understand that every B.I.G. client is unique, so we offer a selection of customized warranty, training and support programs. Our Perfect Plus Support™ technicians and trainers will be there whenever you need a helping hand.

Hands-On Training Sessions

Technology adoption sessions to ensure your end-users and support staff are comfortable and embrace using the systems. They’ll know how to set up and run a meeting in your conference space. Select from 1, 3 or 6 end-user sessions – each hands-on session runs up to 4 hours.

Customized User Guides

B.I.G. provides printed and electronic user guides for each AV system that has a control panel. Comprised of screen shots taken of the graphical user interface of the control panel, you’ll see instructions for each button. Custom user guides are ideal for new users that need step-by-step instructions to get started.

“Go-Live” On-Site Support

For your first session or event, we’ll provide a Perfect Plus Support™ Technician onsite that is familiar with your system. The technician will be available for up to 4 hours to ensure everything runs smoothly.

One Year System Warranty and Service

Perfect Plus Support™ Warranty and Service includes troubleshooting, de-installation of defective equipment, shipping to and from the manufacturer or repair center, re-installation of repaired/replaced equipment, configuration, and system testing.

A successful AV system deployment is just the beginning… We look forward to providing the Perfect Plus Support™ your organization needs.

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