In-Building Cell Signal Repeaters

Still walking outside or to a window to stay connected?

BIG’s network infrastructure experts design and deploy custom In-building cellular solutions to bring your 4G LTE and 5G cell services into every corner of your building.

Why do you have poor cellular signal in your building?

Today, even the strongest signals have trouble finding their way through concrete, stonework, brick, insulation, coated glass, and metal used to construct modern energy-efficient high-rises, offices, and other large buildings. BIG offers WilsonPro cellular signal repeaters that detect any available signal outside the building, then bring it inside and amplify it for more reliable coverage wherever and whenever anyone in the building needs it.

Who can benefit from a cell phone repeater?

Enterprise businesses, large organizations, government departments, franchises, factories, and any group that regularly experiences poor call quality in a large building should consider a custom 4G and 5G cellular signal repeater solution. WilsonPro’s enterprise and commercial solutions are designed to adapt to any building and any environment in any industry.

Why did BIG partner with WilsonPro?

We wanted a partner whose products are designed, assembled, tested, and shipped in the USA. WilsonPro leads the industry with the latest in cellular signal amplification technology to enhance coverage on every frequency. Finally, WilsonPro products are proven. They’re used by a range of organizations like Shriner’s Children’s Hospital, Whole Foods, Hyatt Place, and Facebook. And we appreciate that leaders in higher education and government depend on their technology.

Work with BIG to stay connected.

You’ll get a successful WilsonPro network deployment – on schedule and within budget.
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